domain extensions are equally at google

Google: All domain extensions are treated equally

Google has clarified how it addresses the different domain extensions. Confirming that they are all treated equally in Search engine results.

With the sudden increase in end-to-end availability, Google has received many questions about how new TLDs, such as .top or .shoes, are treated in terms of their ranking in their search results, and if there is a differce from the classic .com, .org, .net etc..

The short answer is that when Google reads, indexes and classifies a page, there is no difference if the domain ends with .com or .net or .site. All TLDs are treated in the same way when searching. At the same time, Google does not seem to want to change something in its algorithm. It will not treat them differently. And that’s the logical thing.

GeoTargetting with domain extensions

There is only one case where the outcome can affect the results of a search. That is when it comes to geotargeting, which we know little or no.

For example, a country code as the end of a domain (.gr or .uk, etc.) is more likely to reach users of this geographic area. We know that, without this being absolute Google considers pages with geographic endpoints mainly targeting people in the country / language.

We have recently seen TLDs like .london appear in the spotlight. However, Google says that they are treated like all the rest. That is, those who do searches from London are less likely to see a .london result. At least for the time being.

When it comes to transferring a web site from one domain to another with one of the new TLDs, Google adds that in this case the transfer is treated like any other.

It is well known that the change of domain requires time for the new image of the page to regain its credibility in the search results. So it’s definitely not something that can often be done to experiment.

Backlinks for different domain tlds

Last, but not least, the domain extension also doesn’t affect the power of backlinks. High qualitybacklinks are measured by PageRank, domain authority and other metrics. High Authority backlinks from any domain extension are good for a website’s SEO.

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