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MixBacklinks.com offers you a great link building services. High Quality and Domain Authority Backlinks in the lowest prices of the market.


Are the backlinks safe?

Our backlinks are the safest that you can get. You can use it for your money website site.

Is the submission manual or automated?

The submission is 100% manual in websites with high value that will boost your website’s seo.

Is it black hat or white hat SEO?

White Hat backlinks, means that you won’t submit any backlinks for your website. Other people have to link back to you themselves, because of your quality content. Knowing that any backlinks that you submit yourself is not white hat SEO. The right question is, if the backlinks are safe which is answered above!

Why my backlinks aren’t indexed?

Getting your links indexed is very important for SEO and probably the hardest part. Usually, this takes from 2 weeks to 6 months. We use extra indexer services to give you the higher indexer rate possible.

What pages do you accept?

You can use it to any page you like except adult niche sites. Business websites, blogs, social profiles and pages, youtube channel etc.

How will I know that you created the backlinks?

After your order is completed we will send you an email with a full report, containing all the created backlinks

Terms Of Service

Using our Mix Seo backlinks services and placing your order to our website means that you have fully read, understood and you agree to all the following terms and conditions.  The terms may change at any time without a notice. Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer of the incorrect or excessive use of our services. We do not quarantee the delivery time. Delivery time is estimated at 12-72 hours (in working days Monday-Friday) without this being guaranteed. After you make your payment there is not a refund option. Also you agree that you will not file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason. Using stolen or fake paying methods is highly prohibited. We offer only backlink submission services and not backlink indexing services. The email you are using must be yours and real. You agree that we can contact you at any time regarding your orders and also send you some news and offers that you may be interested in. You are over 18 years of old and you have the right to use a paypal account to order our backlinks.

Privacy Policy

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We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer for any reason your personally informationto outside (third) parties.
All payments are processed by paypal. After the transaction your personal or private information (credit cards, finance etc.) aren’t stored in our servers.
The email you provide will be used for contacting you with informations and updates of your orders and sometimes for sending you offers that you may be interested in.