seo vs ppc, which one is better for my website

SEO vs PPC – What is better for my website?

Getting someone on Google’s first page is not an easy task. It takes time and money, and usually up to 6 months for a new site. For that and for many other reasons, too many companies involved in digital marketing pointtheir customers to PPC instead of SEO.

PPC (pay per click) seems to have some momentum because it raises your website to the top of the search engines. The only difference is that instead of the first page of organic results you are on the first page of Google’s paid results.

So what’s the best for your business , SEO or PPC?

pay per click ads ppcWhat is PPC (Pay per click)?

Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is an online advertising used to drive visitors to your website where an advertiser pays an ad network when someone clicks on their ad. The ad can be a banner or something like a text link (Google Adsense). Pay-per-click is usually matched by its major search engines and advertising programs such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads.



Google’s advertising revenue is almost at 95% of its total revenue. In addition to paid search engine results, there is also the banner advertisement display network. This advertising network is called Google Adsense and on the top image you can see that every year Google’s advertising turnover is growing, followed by Facebook and other display advertising networks such as Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.

What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

search engine optimization benefitsI’m sorry to mention a few meanings about SEO but in a recent statistical survey I made myself in about 50 candidates who own an online business, only 2 had heard the word SEO before and none of the two knew to implement even a small, a basic SEO campaign. So I thought it is good to mention a few things about SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization has to do with all the practices and actions required to bring your website to the front page of Google and othersearch engines with some specific keywords, or long tail keywords.

Seo Services are the best investment a company can do and you will see the reason bellow.

The advantages of PPC

Two of the unique benefits of PPC are its speed and scalability. With a PPC campaign, you can take a few minutes to get on the first page of Google’s paid results for dozens of keywords. Even for keywords that you do not even have on your site.

There are only a few times when many of my prospective customers think that SEO works automatically like Google Adwords. And you simply state the keywords you want and you instantly go to the first page of Google. Unfortunately, my friends there are no magicians to do such things for you.

If you are familiar with Google Adwords and have invested a few thousand dollars in this tool then you will surely understand that you can get to the top of your market in a few hours and spend thousands of euros without ever getting them back or taking a small how much.


The way you measure your ad’s performance on Google is ROI or Return On Investment. To calculate your return on investment (ROI) according to Google, you should deduct your total cost from the revenue generated by your ads and divide the result by the total cost. So ROI = (Income – Cost of goods sold) / Advertising costs.

In practice, such ROI is not absolute because you have not counted the tax and the VAT plus operating costs. This second scenario is more realistic than the first, since it is the reality that all the internet entrepreneurs today face in our country. And this is one of the biggest disadvantages of both PPC and Google Adwords today: cost or performance.

Also some keywords have very expensive cost-per-clicks in some highly competitive markets such as insurance or medical services. Also you should not forget the fake or accidentally clicks in your advertisement that will bring you unnecessary costs. And finally the adblock plugins that many valuable customers use.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

The advantages of SEO are more compared to PPC. But SEO by its nature has a great disadvantage: the time. It requires because search engines require time to sort out your backlinks and your new content. Nothing is random in search engines, and any changes are constant and slow.

The benefits of SEO are too much and have to do with the cost. SEO is potentially cheaper compared to Pay per click, with the conversion rate, the branding and positioning of your business. Also with SEO you can catch key phrases instead of keywords that you only catch with a PPC campaign. With SEO you get the whole forest, while with PPC you hit only a few trees while losing the forest.

SEO and PPC budgets

According to SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization), you estimate that the amount of e-promotion in search engines is:

  • 87% for PPC each year
  • 11%  for SEO each year.


In other words, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) far outweighs SEO, at least still. This means that for every 10 billion euros spent on PPC on the internet, only 1 billion euros is spent on SEO. And while SEO is 500% more profitable than PPC, it only receives 1/8 of the world’s best website promotion!

The difference in Search engine optimization performance with PPC is such because:

  • PPC has only short-term results.
  • does not improve the organic ranking of a website in search engines.


But S.E.O has long-term and more permanent results that may not be visible today, but in the near future they will.


As you can see, I am of the opinion that S.E.O is more effective and efficient than PPC. Thit does not mean that you should not invest at PPC. At least at the beginning of your online presence PPC is a nice strategy. Until SEO take effect and your website rises to the organic search engine results.

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