Top Seo Factors 2019 referring domains

Top SEO factors 2019

SEO is constantly evolving, and therefore achieving a high ranking in Google means adaptation to the new data. Today we are going to analyze some of the top SEO factors for 2019. Some of them are obvious but others are not so well known to everybody. Let’s take a look:

Total referring domains – backlinks

It is the number of websites that have backlinks to your website. Sites that achieve high rankings is proved to have more referring domains. The more popular the keyword you want to achieve high ranking, the more referring domains you will need.
Websites that achieve top rankings for popular keywords have an average of 4 times more referring domains than those needed to achieve high ranking for keywords with few monthly searches. If you want to increase your referral domains fast and easily you can always buy dofollow backlinks from our backlinks shop. We can manage the number one and most important from the top seo factors 2019.

Direct website visits – top seo factors 2019

Most people don’t know it, but one of the most important parameter for achieving high rankings on Google in 2019 is direct website visits. The direct website visits resulting when the visitor enters its website’s address (URL) directly, or when they have added to favorites (bookmark) and make click on it. For Google, direct visits to your website is a sign that it has an identifiable brand and credibility, elements that this top search engine counts.

Time on site, pages per session and bounche rate

Google rewards websites with great content. That is why it gives high importance to websites that won’t only attract visitors but they will also keep them inside. If people visiting your website and they leave after some seconds, it is a sign that your content is not good at all for them. So google will drop your website to it’s search results. From the other hand, if people visiting your website are staying many minutes and visiting many pages, that means that they found quality content. that is why time on site, pages per session and bounche rate is one of the top seo factors for 2019.

Taking all the above into consideration, we offer to every client that buy backlinks from our website, direct website traffic with low bounche rate for free. The traffic you will receive will be direct and all over around the world, so we can improve your search engine results as much as we can. Find our best backlinks services in our high domain authority backlinks shop.

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